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Fuse Chicken USA #4395772, EU #13894241, CN #19338823, KR #40-1367249
Bobine USA #4810459, S. Korea #40-1297646, CN #19338840
Une Bobine USA #4508324
Toughest Cable on Earth USA #5,199,196
Armour Loop USA #5,357,839
Armour Travel USA #5,357,841
Armour Charge USA #5,357,840
Human Proof, Pet Proof, Everything Proof USA #5,446,927
Rivet Charge USA #5404839
Rivet Loop USA #5399878
The Last Cable You Will Ever Need #5,577,046

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Fuse Chicken Photography: TX 8-278-584
Titan Loop Packaging: TX 8-533-569
Armour Travel Packaging: TX 8-533-643
Armour Loop Packaging: TX 8-533-633
Bobine Packaging: TX 8-528-920
Titan M Packaging: TX 8-522-783
Titan Packaging: TX 8-522-778
Titan Black+ Packaging: TX 8-522-757
Titan Gold+ Packaging: TX 8-522-748
Titan Travel M Packaging: TX 8-522-762
Titan Travel Packaging: TX 8-522-373
Titan Rose+ Packaging: TX 8-522-745

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