Kickstarter Tip - Amazon Payments

For all of you Kickstarter project creators, here is another Kickstarter tip. Be prepared for failed credit card payments. While it is too early to tell where it will end, here are some statistics on the 4th day after funding:

Credit card failures: 315 - 7% of total backers

Dollar amount of failures: $6323 - 3% of total funding

While this doesn't have a huge effect on Une Bobine because we were well past the funding goal, if your project barely meets the goal, it is something you may need to plan for. Below are my suggestions:

  1. Have this Amazon link handy. While it isn't the most helpful, it is at least a start to inform your backers what the options are.
  2. Have an alternate method of payment setup. This can be paypal,, or something else. Whatever you do, make sure to provide your backers with alternate methods of payment. There are some backers who will not be able to resolve the issues with Amazon.
  3. Payments will be attempted for 7 days after funding. So make sure you have a plan in place prior to that.
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