Une Bobine, Kickstarters, and Life

 Welcome to the [Fuse]Chicken blog. We have decided to set this up to share our experience with Une Bobine, Kickstarter, and life in general.

To get started off, here's a brief recap of Une Bobine on Kickstarter:

May 7: Une Bobine launched on Kickstarter at 7:07 AM EST with a goal of $9,800

May 9: 100% Funded in just over 2 days and nominated as a finalist for the William McShane Fund from Buckyballs and Brookstone

May 18: $75,000 in funding. Petite Bobine is announced. Goal of $90,000 is announced to provide free USB Extension Cables for everyone

May 25: $100,000 in funding. Une Bobine - For Micro|USB is announced.

This brings us up to today at $138,000 in funding. We are continuing to work diligently to bring you the best product possible. Since the announcement of Micro|USB, we have been refining and finalizing the engineering to start building the injection molds for it. We have a great design that allows Une Bobine to fit different phone shapes and sizes perfectly. To test Une Bobine, we have a whole mess of Android devices sitting in our lab: Galaxy S II, Evo, Incredible, Note, Shift, and others. Expect some photos soon!

For some Kickstarter news:

A lot of people have messaged asking for any tips we can offer for Kickstarter projects. As anyone who has sent us a message can attest, we answer every single one of them. One of the best aspects of this project has been interacting with all of you. So keep them coming. I will also be posting Kickstarter tips that we have learned in blog posts. So keep an eye out here for new tips!

Life in General:

Every one of us is working what seems like 32 hours every day. Engineering, discussions with the factory, packaging design, prototype building...we are a little tired :) But this has been one of the best experiences. We look forward to the next 15 days of the Kickstarter project and what comes next for Une Bobine after Kickstarter!