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The BOBINE BLACKOUT Auto Edition provides a sleek auto mount with a classy Midnight Black protective finish to fit right in to even the most luxurious automobiles.

MFi Lightning Certified

Drive in Style

Mount your iPhone perfectly for GPS maps, hands free calling, and audio streaming with the BOBINE BLACKOUT Auto Edition. The classy midnight black protective finish fits right in with even the most luxurious vehicles. 

Everything You Need

BOBINE BLACKOUT Auto Edition includes everything you need for the perfect car mount. Flex into any position and blend it beautifully with even the most luxurious vehicles.


24 inches (60 cm) long Mfi Certified Lightning to USB Connector. Includes 2 dash stabilizer clips. Works with all iPhones using the Apple Lightning connector.

Built to Last

Your phone charge cables take a beating. That's why we wrapped the BLACKOUT BOBINE Auto Edition with military-grade, nickel-plated steel and directly fused the connectors onto the metal. Say goodbye to frayed and damaged cables. Say hello to a classy midnight black protective finish!

Case Compatibility

Depending on your case, you may need to remove it before charging. If your speakers, Lightning port, and headphone jack are fully exposed with a single opening, you should be able to easily charge your iPhone without removing the case.

Normal docks are boring.

The BOBINE BLACKOUT Auto Edition is classy, fun, useful, and built to last.

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