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During natural disasters and outbreaks, the sole source of news for many people today comes from their smartphone. Even though not as critical as hand sanitizer or face masks, we recognize that keeping these devices charged during major events is extremely critical. It may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but our hope is that companies will all do their own small part that they can.

To do our part, Fuse Chicken is immediately implementing a price reduction on some products shipped from our website and to allow anyone who needs a charger to get one. If you find that a product is still out of your price range, please contact us at and we will do our best to further accommodate your needs. We will continue this as long as financially possible during this crisis.

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    Universal 1.5M Rugged Cable

    $24.95 $14.95
    Quickly swap between Micro USB, Usb Type-C, and Lightning connectors with the toughest 3-in-1 universal charging c able. With aluminum shielded connectors, a double nylon outer braid, and a kevlar...

    UNIVERSAL : All-In-One Travel Charger

    Life should be about the journey, not reaching your destination before you need a charge. UNIVERSAL is your all-in-one charger no matter where life takes you. Use the built-in powerbank...

    SHIELD Type-C to Lightning : Stainless Steel Chainmail

    $39.95 $24.95
    The point where design, functionality, and lifestyle intersect is where URBAN LUXURY is formed. SHIELD is designed from over 10,000 stainless steel chainmail links to stylishly and robustly protect each electron...

    TITAN : Dual Layer Flexible Steel - iPhone

     We've all seen it - the frayed cables, cords tied in knots, and the happy puppy chewing on our charger. TITAN solves all of that and more with its industrial-grade cable that...

    TITAN LOOP : Dual Layer Flexible Steel - iPhone

    You're out on the town and need a charge, but those other key chain cables are too short to easily reach USB ports and can break all too easily. Meet...


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