We apologize - BOBINE Lightning is currently out of stock. New orders will ship December 30th. We know you were looking for this as a gift, so we want to help out. All orders within the U.S. through December 23 will receive a free PLUGdock shipped immediately to use as your stocking stuffer or present. And we will ship your BOBINE the moment they are back in stock on the 30th.

You can also download a handy card to use for under the tree to let them know a Bobine is on its way.

The World's Most Flexible Charge Cable

Une Bobine is a flexible and eclectic stand + dock + sync + charge cable for your iPhone, iPod, or Android. The cable can be flexed in different positions, coiled, wrapped around objects...the only limit is your imagination. 


  • 2 Dash Mount Stability Clips
  • USB Car Charger
  • 24 inches / 600 mm
  • Connectors: MFI iPhone Lightning, iPhone 30-Pin, MicroUSB
  • USB connector

iPhone 5/6 Cases

  • Une Bobine will fit most cases with the bottom of the iPhone open. Cases will individual openings for the connector, headphones, and microphone will not work correctly.
  • The size of Une Bobine where it attaches to iPhone is 40mm x 6mm

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