The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock

Une Bobine is a flexible and eclectic stand + dock + sync + charge cable for your iPhone. The cable can be flexed in different positions, coiled, wrapped around objects...the only limit is your imagination. 

Built to Last.

Charge cables take a beating. From suitcases to pet rabbits, we have all found new ways to destroy our source of power. That's why we wrapped BOBINE with military-grade, nickel-plated steel and directly fused the connectors onto the metal. Say goodbye to frayed and damaged cables.

One Cable, a Thousand Uses.

Single-function cables, docks, stands, and tripods often leave you without the tool you need, when you need it. BOBINE replaces all of these and more - when you're charging from a portable battery on the beach and need a tripod to capture that perfect selfie with the sunset, we've got you covered.

  • 24 inches / 600 mm
  • Connectors: MFI iPhone Lightning
  • USB connector

iPhone 5/6 Cases

  • Une Bobine will fit most cases with the bottom of the iPhone open. Cases will individual openings for the connector, headphones, and microphone will not work correctly.
  • The size of Une Bobine where it attaches to iPhone is 40mm x 6mm

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